Krav Maga - Weapons Defence Courses

Weapons Defence Course - Guns, Baseball bats, Bottles and Clubs

This course is limited to ten people and is for those who are interested in what we do but are unable to train on a regular basis due to work schedule and / or busy family life.

Going travelling and would like to get some fast and effective techniques to deal with hostile situations?

Also great for any Martial Artist to add weapon defences to their arsenal.

The techniques we teach are designed in a way that are easy to learn and retain, so you can keep them fresh in your mind.

What you will learn:

Baseball Bat / Stick

Bottle / Glassing

Handguns / Rifle / Shotgun / Assault rifle

The day will end with you performing the Pressure Test. Krav Maga's way to help students learn how to deploy their techniques under pressure. Confirming you apply the techniques instinctively rather than standing there thinking about it.

The day is meant to be fun but at the same time leaving way more confident than you did before you started.

O ur aim is to make you so confident you can choose to walk away.

Cost £50

Time 13.00 till 18.00

Date To be arranged once the first 5 people are confirmed. Will be on a weekend. (Please Contact Us to Register your interest)

Time 1.00 – 7.00 PM

Please Contact us to register your interest,