UK based Boot-Camps and Oversees Boot-Camps in Israel

Essex Krav Maga offers people world-wide a unique experience of touring Israel. You will be training Krav Maga with some of the best Instructors in the world and visiting fascinating sites of this beautiful country. Hundreds of tourists and Krav Maga practitioners have been touring in Israel and trained in the last ten years with Essex Krav Maga and it has now become more of a rite-of-passage for both Krav-Maga students and instructors alike to experience this event.

This is a great addition for any Krav Maga Student, Instructor, Security Professional or any individual who would like to better their self defence skills. This is probably one of the best training programs in the world. It is an eye opener, life changing experience and it is worth every second spent.

Boot-Camp Highlights

  • Daily 5-6 hours of training

  • Touring Israel while training in 3 days

  • Minimum 2 hours of training on the touring days

  • Certificate upon completion of program

  • Beach training on the second day

  • 9 nights accommodation


You will receive intensive training of five to six hours per day in regular gym environment, as well as other exercises; including water and night training, outdoor training, urban self-defence etc. Physical training is customized according to the experience level and level of fitness of the participants. As would be needed Essex Krav Maga has separated sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and participating instructors, led by their instructors.

The course covers many aspects of the Krav Maga system, including:

  • Defence against armed assaults

  • Combat shooting

  • Training in various locations, environments and circumstances

  • Road rage situations

  • General fighting skills

  • Training with expert level instructors from Israel

  • Water as a training environment and a potential location for defensive tactics and fighting

Touring Israel

Three days of touring Israel are also included in, featuring Israel’s most unique and interesting locations including Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada, northern Israel. Touring and Training is led by Eyal Yanilov and other world class instructors. The Israel Boot-Camp in Israel is centered on the main training facilities and locations in Netanya, a beautiful coastal city with a great beach, nice restaurants and a youthful atmosphere. You will train in some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Israel including:

  • Golan Heights

  • Jerusalem

  • Masada

  • Tel-Aviv

  • The Dead Sea

  • The sea of Galilee


An essential part of Krav Maga training is its structured teaching process, delivery and methodology. The curriculum is slit into grades and levels, whether it is for civilian, Law Enforcement, Military / Soldiers, Security , Close Personal Protection or other specialised work-force.

Krav Maga Training includes

  • Attacking and counter-attacking, using the hands, legs, feet, elbows, arms and head.

  • Dealing with multiple attackers.

  • Defending other people (also known as third party protection).

  • Defend yourself when on the ground (ground-work).

  • How to Prevent, Avoid, Escape and Evade situations of conflict and hostile environments.

  • How to utilise everyday objects for self-defence and fighting.

  • How to fall and roll to reduce injury on ground impact.

  • Specific curriculum for government / security forces.

  • Techniques to defend yourself against armed attackers and attacks involving knives / sharp objects.

  • Techniques to defend yourself against unarmed attacks such as kicks, punches, choking / strangulation, different grabs of the body and clothing.

  • Techniques to defend yourself against hand gun and assault rifles.

Krav Maga personal growth

Krav Maga enables personal growth from both a physical and mental perspective with those training Krav Maga seeing vast improves in their physical health and mental abilities to make decisions in stressful, fast moving situations and to be able to cope with demanding lifestyles.

Extra information


Netanya is a beautiful coastal city with a great beach, nice restaurants, and a youthful atmosphere.


You will be sharing a room with another participant if you decide to come alone. This program will have you resting at 3-star hotel, B&B in double occupancy room.


There will be some group meals together during the program. However, most of the time participants are in charge of their own meals. Breakfasts are provided in the hotels participants stay in.

What's included

  • 9 nights accommodation

  • Krav Maga training sessions

  • Touring Israel

What’s not included
  • Airfare tickets

  • Meals

  • Personal expenses

Know before you go

Course information

There are no requirements to join Essex Krav Maga and Training in Israel program. The event is suitable for existing Krav Maga practitioners and Instructors, and for those who are new to Krav Maga and are looking for a great experience to start their training. Even if you do not have any experience in Krav Maga at all, the program and the training sessions will be adjusted accordingly.

Seasonals information

In December/January it ranges from 10-20º C (about 50-68º F). In May the average temperatures are 20-30º C (68-86º F).

What to bring

Hard groin protection (definitely for men; optional for women), mouth guard, shin guards, wrestling/mat shoes (recommended), and tennis/running shoes. If you don’t bring wrestling/mat shoes, you may need to train barefoot on the mats. The tennis/running shoes will be utilized outdoors. Boxing gloves (14 oz.) and hand wraps are optional. Jeans/military pants with a good belt will be fine for the shooting range. Most of the gear can be purchased in Israel, and participants can buy KMG T-shirts and other equipment in Israel. Please bring a swimsuit.

Additional information

For more information ask your questions directly to Krav Maga Global who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Contact Organizer button to send a message.

Booking conditions


For more information regarding the payment, contact Essex Krav Maga who will be happy to assist you.

Accepted payment methods

Bank wire transfer, Paypal

Accepted payment methods on location


Accepted currencies on location

Euro, Pound sterling