LTDA Self Defence Training

LTDA - London Taxi Drivers Association is the largest Taxi Drivers Union in London, which boasts nearly 10,000 members.

These courses are proving extremely successful, being run periodically throughout the year. These courses are run for eight weeks; designed to give the student an insight into techniques which can be used physically and mentally in self defence situations. Each class consists of a warm up which is designed to get you stronger, more flexible and fitter.

We then run through techniques and drills; the secret here is how easy they are to learn and apply, plus repeating the learned techniques enough until you are comfortable with them.

Training in this way makes your actions an instinct rather than a thought. In real life situations, by the time you have had the thought the instinct has already dealt with it.

The courses gave evidence of this; as many people attending and also as many of them now training regularly with our instructors over the years have gone on to become instructors.