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Knife And Edged Weapons Defence Course

Nine times out of Ten, people who speak to us say that the threat of a knife is one of if not their biggest fear, so to us it seems common-sense that this is something we should take seriously.

Our instructors are all experienced enough to say that anyone who claims to have a fool proof defence to knife attacks is misguided and usually delusional, many of the demonstrated techniques you will see on YouTube are fatally flawed (literally) and will not work in a real life situation, especially in a frenzied attack, however good their intentions are. But there are techniques and methods of preparing yourself to be better equipped to deal with a knife attack. One problem with lots of the techniques shown on YouTube is they are from older systems of martial arts, that were effective back in the day when safe for example Samurai’s, who had the benefits of armour; many of the self defence techniques you see on YouTube will likely result in more harm than good.

There are many things to take into consideration when dealing with a knife confrontation:

* The shock factor, *The effect adrenalin will have on you and *The way your body will react to any trauma caused by the knife.

So rather than waiting till you have worked your way up to a high enough level prior to weapons training, or simply just trying your luck that you will hopefully never have to face such a situation. Why not be pro-active in dealing with this and gain the skills and techniques that could well save your life and will certainly reduce your anxiety.

" Essex Krav Maga are honest and realistic, they will probably change every opinion you had on knife defence, I could not recommend them highly enough".

We have created this course for both beginners and advanced students, which will help anyone regardless of their experience.

What you can expect to learn.

You'll learn awareness / evasion techniques to help avoid these situations to begin with.

You will learn a series of techniques on how to deal with adrenalin, which through the pressure we will put you under will keep surfacing throughout the course. Some of our instructors and assistant instructors are ex forces who have years of experience in making the situations as realistic as possible; these techniques alone are priceless to the students.

You will learn a series of effective knife defence drills and then try out your new skills by wearing special protective suits and fighting it out for real.

You will then after each fight scenario be assessed by the team on how your fight went and what you can do to improve.

You'll get to repeat this as many times as you deem necessary, making sure you have the confidence required to deal with a knife confrontation in the real world. Everybody has individual needs which are unique to them; we want to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally as all of these are large factors.

These courses have received great reviews and although they may ask a lot more of you than you first imagined, you'll be shocked at the level of self improvement!

This is not about scaring you, this is the opposite, this is about empowering you.


Details This is an advanced course for anyone who wants to learn effective defences against a knife attack. This course lasts 5 hours and is limited to 12 people.

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