Home Study Course

We are soon to release the most comprehensive Krav-Maga home study course, which will be perfect for the following students:

  • People who cannot find the free time to train at a club or live too far

  • People who want to learn at their own pace

  • Or just want to train more at home

Either way, our home study course is excellent value for money; from White all the Way up to Black Belt!

Initially we will be offering the course for free, upon completion we will be selling the home study course for a small monthly subscription. Please Contact Us or Sign-up to register your interest.

In our home study course you will be taught the essential techniques to defend against all forms of unarmed attack from the Yellow, Orange, and Green belt levels of the Israeli Krav-Maga curriculum (beginner to advanced). Many of these up-to-date advanced techniques have not seen outside of Israel; the most relevant, authoritative and comprehensive unarmed Krav-Maga instruction available!

  • Upper Body Defences and Combative

  • Lower Body Combative and Defences

  • Retzev - Continuous Combat Motion, Choke and Grab Defences

  • Take-downs, Controls, Clinches and Multiple Opponent Defence

  • Ground-fighting

  • Impact Weapons & Core Fundamentals

  • Krav-Maga Control Holds and Tactics Including Unarmed Defences

  • Overhead Edged Weapon Defences

  • Edged Weapons

  • Edged Weapon Ground Survival and Threats

  • Firearms – We will teach you how to train and prepare for firearms even if you reside in an environment where firearms are banned!

For further information please go to our Contact Us page!