Corporate Krav Maga Courses

Essex Krav Maga offer corporate courses to business's and institutions to companies and teach the courses throughout the UK.

We work with big or small companies from all over the world; delivering affordable, educational self defence courses with excellent results!

With many professions being left to work on their own like Bus / Train Drivers, London Under-Ground, Estate Agents, Outpatient Doctors / Nurses, Postmen, Property Maintenance, Engineers on call out many more are all at a lot more risk of attack, especially with the late drinking in most towns and cities; these would all benefit from Krav Maga.

Not just people who work alone are at risk; many of us now work longer hours and this can result, especially in the winter going to and leaving work in the dark. Essex Krav Maga are not about frightening people we want to be empowering people.

Our belief is that we should all be taught basic self defence, avoidance and awareness techniques. This is not complicated or overwhelming, we teach techniques that you can use immediately and will make an enormous difference if you are ever unfortunate enough to need to use it.

Many businesses, rightly so teach their employees first aid; and this is just as if not more important as they could one day help someone in need; but what is being done to help ourselves in a time of need?

This benefits your company and the employees in the following ways:

  • Being able to defend yourself with the self defence techniques

  • Avoidance and Awareness techniques

  • More confidence

  • Self awareness and Self esteem

Also when you have these techniques at your disposal, you begin to feel less anxious when you know that you've learnt expert advise on how to deal and cope with hostile situations and more importantly, that you have the techniques to avoid them in the first place.

If you care about your company and your employees, then give them something that will benefit them.

We run self defence Courses for the LTDA, with over 10,000 members, these courses are run through out the year. Please feel free to read our reviews or drop us an email if your thinking about booking a course lessons for your company.